September 3, 2014 – The Big Yellow Boxes

A number of people have wondered about the big yellow boxes they see at Twin Rivers school sites.  The boxes are part of a recycling program that turns our community’s unwanted clothing, shoes, and toys into resources our schools desperately need.
The income generated from boxes at all Twin Rivers elementary and junior high campuses goes to DREAM.  In 2013-14 the big yellow boxes generated $24,541.80 in revenue which in turn DREAM gifted back to our school sites in the form of mini-grants for students’ activities outside their neighborhoods.
You can be part of helping us by doing some closet cleaning at home and dropping off your items at a yellow box at your neighborhood school.  Thank you.

August 27, 2014 – Norwood Junior High

Norwood Jr.High DisneyPerformingArts1Norwood Jr.High DisneyPerformingArts2
WARNING! You will need a few more minutes than usual to read this Wednesday’s post. There was so much submitted after this adventure and it was all so great I had a hard time cutting it down.  Enjoy.
Last spring, Charity Tanaleon, music teacher from Norwood Jr. High, had a dream for her 27 7th and 8th grade band students and DREAM said “yes” by funding the first $1,500.  In June she wrote us the following:
I am writing with exciting news – the Norwood Band Family accomplished our goal of raising $20,000.  The money raised provided a total of 27 first and second year band students, who met the rigorous academic, behavioral, and musical requirements, the opportunity to participate in a life altering musical experience in Anaheim.  The workshop we participated in helped these students to experience first-hand what professional studio musicians do. With headsets on, instruments in hand, and studio microphones recording, the students’ sight read music under the direction of a nationally recognized musical director. Mereseini, a first year trumpet player reflected that learning from Mr. Griffin was to, “be bold (and) be awesome. I think it made me realize things like always do your best the first time. I had the best time ever. I got to learn many new techniques that will help me in the future in my band career. I also got to get closer to my band family…I think going on the trip made me a better person…It made me realize band is not just people playing music, it is a band family creating beautiful sounds for the joy of it.”
Many of the students who participated in this musical experience have never ventured out of their Northern CA community. According to Cindy, “the trip was a great experience…to have the experience of how professional musicians play and record.” While Sara, a second year trumpet player thought, “it was an amazing experience to be able to go to the workshop..I think everyone learned something new. I learned that I need to breathe in the right places at the right time and how to not separate each note I was awesome to be able to play music from Disney movies. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to go.” Yasmin, a second year flute player stated “I matured in my music. Being with a professional was strange, but we learned a lot about music. The experience was not only a music experience; it was an experience of independence, maturity, development, growth, and family unity. We were brought together by this.”
Ms. Tanaleon also told us “the only reason why the students were able to have this wonderful opportunity was not only through their hard work, dedication, and perseverance in fund raising, but with the effort and assistance of both Twin Rivers Unified School District and the Norwood community, as well as Project DREAM. Project DREAM provided the initial funding, and the initial spark that motivated the students to work diligently on making what seemed like an unattainable goal into a reality”. Ethan, a second year trombone player encompassed the gratitude, we the band feel, when he wrote,  “I learned a lot on this trip; especially to keep promises and not break them…Thank you everyone who helped make this trip possible. I greatly appreciate that we were able to go. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!”
Well said.
P.S. By the way in picture #2 the person in the middle of the first row, who looks like one of the students, is Ms. Tanaleon. And thanks Ms. Leslie for the pictures. Norwood is one lucky school!


August 20, 2014 – Foothill Oaks Elementary

FoothillOaks AcadofSci1FoothillOaks AcadofSci3

Last May, Steve Fetzer and Marilee Marsh from Foothill Oaks Elementary took their 5th grade students to the California Museum and IMAX theatre.

They reported “the students enjoyed the Museum and were really impressed with the Constitutional Wall. They also enjoyed the California Walk of Fame, as well as the California Indians: Making a Difference exhibition.  Everyone was very involved with the interactive Health Happens Here exhibit.  

The IMAX movie, Adventures in Wild California, “was also very impressive. Many of our students hadn’t seen the ocean and the Giant Sequoia trees. It helped them visualize the different land formations in our State when they wrote their state reports.”

August 13, 2014 – Allison Elementary

Alison ShadyCreek

A sweet thank you from Alicia, a  student at Allison Elementary.  Her teacher, Ms. Rohall, DREAMed of sharing a science camp experience and asked DREAM for help.  We sent them $2,500 and 41 students were off to Shady Creek last spring  – where they “were full engaged while learning about the environment, nature, Native American culture, teamwork and personal responsibility.”

Another student said “I can’t tell you the best thing about Shady Creek because EVERYTHING was the best!”  Just what we love to hear….