Another SMILE for September 2014

Thank yous flying into my INBOX this morning.  The DREAM board approved $19,940 in funding last night ($18,550  for science camps and $1,390 for two trips to Fog Willow Farms). 

“Thank you so much for the generous donation for our students and please extend my thanks to the Project DREAM board. This is a wonderful experience for them and Project DREAM’s help has made this possible for many who otherwise could not afford to go. Last year you came and presented the check at one of our staff meetings, would you like to do this again?”  –Laura Lofgren, Principal at Westside on behalf of the 6th graders who will attend Shady Creek Outdoor School the end of September
“Good Morning!  Thank you very much!” –Jodie Stueve, teacher at Rio Tierra Junior High who will take 35 students to Yosemite Institute next March.
“Good Morning.  Thanks ever so much for letting us know so quickly, it is always much appreciated!  This is one of the students favorite field trips every year and without Project DREAM it would not be possible. Thanks again for helping to make the children’s dreams come true!” –Lorelei Yates, teacher at Madison Elementary who will take 155!! preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and Primary Special Day classes to Fog Willow Farms in October

September 17, 2014 – Foothill High School


FoothillHS SixFlags

Josiah Aston at Foothill High School wanted to take 19 students in his choir to a competition at Six Flags.  DREAM sent them $906 and the 8-12th graders were on their way.

“This project gave the students an opportunity to perform onstage at a popular venue. It increased their confidence, singing ability, and sense of community. They also had the opportunity to watch another group perform after them, allowing them to learn what other school groups are doing. We could not have done this project without DREAM funding. Thank you Project DREAM for providing our students this wonderful experience.”

September 10, 2014 – F. C. Joyce

FCJoyce DiscoveryMuseum1

64 3rd grade students x $4.69 each = a day of excitement when the Discovery Museum Outreach Program visited F.C. Joyce last May.

“There is no way our students would have been able to draw a real connection and understanding for fossils and dinosaur life without DREAM funding to bring this program to our class.  Thank you!”  Andrea Vidlund, teacher.