October 29, 2014 – Babcock Elementary

Babcock FogWillow2
Melissa Clark, teacher at Babcock Elementary, took 54 4/5/6 graders to Fog Willow last June. Fog Willow Science Farm believes that “the best way to learn science is to feel it, touch it, and smell it.”  DREAM agrees. We love sending TRUSD students outdoors.
Ms. Clark wrote us this note afterwards: “The students enjoyed the whole experience!  They http://pharmacy-no-rx.net made electromagnets and igneous mockrocks. The kids loved the hands-on activities. There was also a petting zoo, and the students were able to get close to rabbits, goats, chicks, and other animals. We could not have attended this trip without DREAM funding – the students could not afford the entry fees and the bus fee.”
Babcock FogWillow1

October 22, 2014 – Woodlake Elementary

Woodlake Steinhart3
“I would like to take a group of 4-6th grade students on a field trip to Steinhart Museum in San Francisco to further their knowledge of science, predominantly life science.  They will have a chance to travel outside their community to learn about the careers and college opportunities available to them.” –Ms. Pritika Sharma, Woodlake Elementary.  DREAM helped them with admission tickets and the cost of transportation.
Here is what she wrote us afterwards:
My students were intrigued by the rainforest and its habitats. They learned about earthquakes, marine life, etc. It was a wonderful experience for these students. Thanks again for your kind donation.
Woodlake Steinhart2

Another SMILE for October, 2014

The DREAM board approved $16,343.75 in mini-grants this month.  Trips to Shady Creek Science Camp and Sly Park topped the list but we also funded:

  • a 3rd grade trip to the B Street Theater,
  • a trip for Rio Linda High School jazz band to participate in a recording session at Disneyland following by a visit to UCLA campus,
  • a trip to the Tolerance Museum next June,
  • a culminating experience at vernal pools and wetlands after 60 5th graders complete their environmental science unit,
  • and helped pay transportation fees for 224 9th grade students to enjoy a free performance of Grapes of Wrath at the Sacramento Theatre Company.

 SAVE THE DATE:  Our annual fundraiser will be different this year.  We invite you to join us at the Sacramento Theater Company for a private performance of
Pirates of Penzance the evening of Sunday, April 26, 2015.  More details soon.

October 15, 2014 – Frontier Elementary

Frontier SacZoo3
Janell Marton, 2nd grade teacher from Frontier Elementary DREAMed of taking her 2nd graders to the zoo.  She wrote a mini-grant and requested $280 to help with expenses. When DREAM said yes, she coordinated a trip to the Sacramento Zoo for 91 students, some younger siblings and a few high school helpers. The DREAM board received a  note from Ms. Marton afterwards:
June 6, 2014
Thank you for supporting our fun field trip.
After our trip we wrote (quickly) about what our favorite animal was. I planned to send just a select few, but when my daughter (14) read them she was entertained by all of them.  So please enjoy some second grade Sacramento Zoo Field Trip writing/drawings. I hope you enjoy them! 
We had a fantastic time (thanks to DREAM!)
Janell Marton
2nd grade teacher
Frontier Elementary


October 8, 2014 – Rio Linda Preparatory Academy

Grizzly Creek Ranch is an outdoor education camp run by Sierra Nevada Journeys.  Ben Crago-Schneider, teacher at Rio Linda Preparatory Academy, dreamed of taking 64 6th grade students there. It would be four days of the best kind of learning, learning through experiences – hiking, rope courses, leadership activities and acquiring interpersonal skills to help the students work well with others.  Mr. Crago-Schneider told us “many of our students have not had an opportunity to camp in nature despite the fact http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/gastrointestinal/ that they live very close to many rich outdoor spaces”.  DREAM said yes with a grant of $3,200.  Here is the thank you note we received:
“Dear DREAM, First, let me say how honored and privileged we felt to get this grant again – this is our fourth year of attending this camp. Project DREAM has enabled us to offset some of the costs. We really appreciate your  help in giving our students an experience that they would otherwise not have.”

October 1, 2014 – F. C. Joyce

Erin Tucker, 6th grade teacher at F.C. Joyce, took 34 6th graders to Alliance Redwoods for 5 days!  Two of her students, Tashea and Elisa, wrote us thank you notes which are shared below.
When we asked Ms. Tucker how this project affected her students, she shared “Our trip to Alliance Redwoods has grown in strength every year and is now a tradition at FC Joyce. Many of our students have never been to the ocean, redwoods, or even out of the  Sacramento area so this trip is a once in a lifetime event for them. Every year I am amazed and in awe of my students’ ability to set personal goals, face challenges, and thrive in a new environment. This trip is something we work toward all year long and is by far one of my favorite http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/antibiotics/ parts of being a teacher. I am able to see a different side of students that I can’t see in the regular classroom setting. I’m able to see the confident athlete face his fear of heights. I am able to see the student with a learning challenge, who reads at a 1st grade level, be the most knowledgeable students in his hiking group on predator/prey relationships. I am able to see the shy girl who is too embarrassed to speak up in class be the first one to pick up a crab at the tidepools. But mostly, I am happy because at the end of the week I know I got to be a part of something that these students will always remember and never forget. Thank you DREAM for being a part of our memories.”

September 24, 2014 – Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center

Stanford SummerFieldTrips2
Sometimes miracles happen when we step out of the box!  A partnership with Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center is one of those miracles.  They aren’t one of our schools but they serve our students after school and during the summer.
Julie Rhoten, Program Coordinator, shared this quote from a teen about their trip to Peak Adventures at CSU, Sacramento.  “I liked this trip…I went to COLLEGE!  I’ve never been to college before.  The challenge of the obstacle course was great! When I go to college someday,, I could come here all the time and do this!”  The counselors were particularly moved by seeing the teens “picture” themselves going to college…many of them will be the first (or in the first generation of their family) to attend college.  The support from Project DREAM allowed us to open their eyes to whole new worlds.  As always, we are grateful for your support.”