January 28, 2015 – Rio Linda High School

Thank you for your support of the Rio Linda High School Virtual Enterprise students. We had a great Trade Fair in Bakersfield, and the students performed well.  There were about 100 high schools that participated and competed. Including out-of-state schools from New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, etc. Here are our results:


Business Competition


State Business Challenge   (Sharon Xiong)

10th Place

Advanced Website Design

10th Place

Perfect Pitch (Ali Ramzan)

Honorable Mention

Most Creative Sales Booth

Honorable Mention


Our students would not have these opportunities without your support, and we are grateful! Thank you again for all you do!
Sincerely,  Alicia Caddell, M.A.
Business, Technology and Proud Virtual Enterprise Teacher

January 21, 2015 – Garden Valley Elementary

In September we finally received a mini-grant request from Garden Valley Elementary! The application from Kurt Schneider started with “the first job my new principal gave me when I was hired at  Garden Valley was to get the 6th grade science camp up and running again.  The week long science camp most 6th graders get a chance to participate in, is one of the most formative and memorable experiences they will have in their educational careers.  Taking hikes and learning about the natural fauna and wildlife through hands-on lessons that cannot be duplicated in a classroom setting will leave an indelible imprint on each student’s life.”
Sending 22 students away from home and out of their neighborhood while increasing their self-confidence, exposing them to career opportunities, improving their attendance and/or behavior, increasing their interest in college, building student teams and improving their health – GV checked all the boxes under our “what impact do you expect this program will have on your students” part of the application!  We are so proud!

Another Smile – January 2015

The DREAM Board approved mini-grants last night for three schools:

$1,900 to send 38 students from Village School to Sly Park Environmental Education Center.

$1,250 to Rio Linda Prep Academy so 25 8th grade students could attend the Disney Youth Education Series to learn the necessary skills needed in life to be successful in goal setting, being effective leaders, and being college and career ready.

$415 so 90 4th grade students from Smythe Academy could experience California Trilogy Tour – a tour of the State Capital, the California Museum and see “Wild California” at the IMAX theatre.

COMING SOON: Tickets to our annual fundraiser will be on sale shortly.  Save the date: Sunday, April 26.

January 14, 2015 – Hillsdale Elementary

Hillsdale 4th Coloma Discovery 1
 “The intention of this experience is to celebrate the culture, music, and folklore of the California Gold Rush while using lessons of the past to awaken students’ interest and sense of responsibility for the environment.”
                Teri Thomas, 4th grade http://www.montauk-monster.com/pharmacy teacher at Hillsdale Elementary.
DREAM said YES, sent them $3,000 and 60 students headed to Coloma last school year.
Hillsdale 4th Coloma Discovery 2Hillsdale 4th Coloma Discovery 3

January 7, 2015 – Ridgepoint Elementary

“Sly Park is hecka fun, I learned so much while also learning to challenge myself.” Gabby
“I had no idea there would be so much hiking!  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” Bailey
“I really liked the food, but I also liked my teacher a lot – he was so funny!” Julian
“Sly Park is the most amazing field trip ever! I was lucky because I got to go as a 5th grader because we thought we were moving. But when we didn’t I got to go again! I would go next year too if I could!” Shayna
“I love how we are in an outdoor classroom. I learned so much and I did not have to write anything down or take any tests!” Yuriy
These are some of the comments from Mike Salter’s 47 6th graders at Ridgepoint Elementary when they returned to school after 5 days at Sly Park.  DREAM helped them experience this wonderful science camp with a mini-grant of $3,500.
Remember this special trip and many others like it when you are cleaning out those closets after the holidays: Donate Unwanted Clothes and Shoes to the BIG YELLOW BOXES at any elementary or junior high campus.