February 25, 2015 – 15 Mini-Grants Approved!!!

WestsideShadyCreek1The DREAM board met last night and approved mini-grants for the following:
  • $2,700  to Ridgepoint 6th graders to travel to Sly Park where they will be challenged to come away with an “I can do this” attitude.
  • $795 to CCAA 6-8th grades to watch four classic folk tales “Dia de los Cuentos” at the B Street Theatre and return to classroom “excited about live theater and ready to engage in comparison discussions among the four talks presented”.
  • $1,750 to Del Paso Elementary for the third year in a row so 512 K-6 graders can learn a full dance routine and present a program to family, friends and faculty.
  • $328 to Foothill Oaks 5th grade so they can participate in a Civil War Reenactment at Gibson Ranch in May.
  • $605.25 to Foothill Oaks again but this time the 4th grade is going on a “California Trilogy” which includes a visit to the I-Max Theater to see California through a camera lens, a stop at the Golden State Museum to learn about California through exhibits highlighting Indians, missions, remarkable women and the constitution and lastly, a self guided tour of the state capitol.
  • $450 to Grant High School to send 45 10th and 11th grade students on field trips sponsored by Habitat Restoration and Sustainable Agriculture Programs.
  • $1,600 to Highlands High School so 32 11th grade students can visit five southern California campus: UCSB, San Diego State, UCLA, Long Beach State and the Channel Islands meeting Highlands Alumni and see “how a university is a fit for them”.
  • $2,865.94 to 154 Harmon Johnson 5th grade students to help them visit the California Academy of Sciences and come away with knowledge of how the world around them connects to science.
  • $231.75 to 60 Northwood 3rd graders to visit the Discovery Museum and Planetarium and give them “the opportunity to engage in science and maybe encourage them to explore careers in science and space”.
  • $1,234  to Regency Park 3rd grade students to visit the Maidu Interpretive Center and “get validation of the research they did in the classroom, compare their museum exhibits to the museum and learn more information that supports their social studies standards.”
  • $1,700 to Rio Linda High School to attend three conferences/trade shows which “checks all the boxes on the mini-grant application” under the section of how this program will impact students: exposure to people and ideas outside the immediate neighborhood, increase self-confidence, exposure to career opportunities, improved student attendance and/or behavior, increased interest in college, team building among students, better health through team participation and college and career readiness!  (Most impressive!)
  • $856.80 to Woodlake Elementary so 50 2-6th grade students can share information and research with each other as they meet animals up close and personal by attending Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
Isn’t this an impressive list?  If you would like to help keep this kind of project alive for next year, visit our website (link below) and select any our many donation options – buy tickets to the fundraiser, get information about the Big Yellow Boxes, sign up for automatic monthly donations or use AmazonSmile when you place an order.

February 18, 2015 – Harmon Johnson Elementary

Johnson SlyPark3Erin Smeltzer, 6th grade teacher at Harmon Johnson Elementary, sent us an application last fall so she and the other 6th grade teachers could take 160 students to Sly Park. HJ has offered this trip for four years and, as you will see in the attached pictures, it was a success again this year.
“Sly Park Educational Center offers an educational, motivational and beneficial science camp, that our 6th graders have enjoyed and benefited from immensely. The staff is extremely http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/anti-inflammatories/ professional in presenting the state science standards to the students in a way that lasts a lifetime.  This year we are choosing to go a bit earlier so the lessons presented by the staff will be a precursor to the units we will teach in class.  The concrete foundation will be a critical teaching tool for the remainder of the school year. We truly appreciate any support that Project DREAM is able to offer.”
Johnson SlyPark1

February 11, 2015 – College Bound Gift Cards for Grades

CB2014.2 CB2014.1

Last spring DREAM awarded 31 scholarships to TR seniors. We received grades of 2.0 and higher from 22 who just finished their first semester or quarter at college. DREAM sent them each a $100 Target gift card as a reward to them for their commitment and dedication to their college coursework. Here are a few thank yous we received with their grade reports:

Dear Project DREAM, First, I want to thank you very much for choosing me as a recipient for your generous scholarship. This scholarship was extremely helpful in my transition from high school to college. I am still using everything purchased with the gift card and recently used the last of my left over money. It turned out to be the absolute perfect scholarship since there is a Target store right down the street from my school! Thank you very much, and because I received above a 2.0 for my first quarter, I am very excited to receive $100 more which will be even more helpful continuing on with college (mainly food wise) since it is a City Target in Westwood and it can be pretty expensive. I hope everything is well with you and if you have any questions, please let me know or shoot me an email anytime!
With many thanks, Jennyann who is attending UCLA

I would like to start off by saying thank you for the $300 Target Shopping Spree Scholarship. It’s thanks to the College Bound Team that I do not have to worry about buying laundry detergent, a desk lamp, and Kleenex tissues. Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of this scholarship and thank you for generously offering me a $100 gift certificate. I will work hard to make you all proud!
Sincerely, Mai who is attending CSU, East Bay

Hello, I am writing this letter in regards to the College Bound. My current address is as shown above, I have also sent you my grades. I would like to give all my gratitude and thank you all for this scholarship from College Bound and all the gifts from Target for this wonderful scholarship. I am also grateful to have won a laptop. It has aided me very well. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, Anna who is attending UC Berkeley

February 4, 2015 – notes from TR School District Community

Group Shot at Science Camp

Twin Rivers School District Community Facebook page is a forum for members of the Twin Rivers Community to connect with each other.  They have been “sharing” our Wednesday posts for quite a while and here are some comments about DREAM:


Thanks Project DREAM for helping make Science camp a reality for our Garden Valley students.

“That was such a great experience for my students. I am so thankful to Project Dream for that! Makes me smile remembering that day!” Suzy Brusca, Foothill Oaks Elementary 6th grade trip to San Francisco Exploratorium and CA Academy of Sciences.

“Project DREAM is awesome.”  Lorelei Yates, Madison School, Fog Willow Farm experience.

“Ariahna is a wonderful young lady and very deserving. I am so glad that she was selected for this scholarship. Project Dream is awesome.” Karlene Bittler regarding thank you from Ariahna Sanchez to DREAM and her College Bound award.

“Of course!!! That’s my school being featured!! Project Dream is an amazing foundation.” Alexandra Gwiazdowski, Westside Elementary after she ‘liked’ the story about Kristina Planting and her 6th grade cohorts who DREAMed about taking http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/mans-health// their students to Shady Creek Outdoor School last September.

“Thanks again Project DREAM for funding the difference so these students can have an outdoor education.” John Berchielli after sharing DREAM’s post of 6th grade trip to Grizzly Creek Ranch Outdoor Education trip.

In response Tracey G. Lilley commented: I LOVE PROJECT DREAM

Jenny Brown added “Project Dream has helped out my students a few times.”

And last, from Tania Pearson Salazar “And now we can support Project DREAM every time we shop on Amazon! I love that.” www.amazonsmile.com

Sascha White wrote “Love Project Dream, love Julie and Stanford Settlement and love this partnership!” when commenting on our work with Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center to fund summer field trips for TR students after school and during the summer.

Talking about a trip to Discovery Museum Outreach Program for 64 3rd grade F. C. Joyce students, Andrea Vidlund shared “What a great experience these kids had!! They absolutely LOVED it and are still talking about it this school year!! Thank you Project DREAM.  In response, Kat Schroeder Kelly added “Project Dream ROCKS!!”