March 25, 2015 – Woodlake Elementary

Woodlake Splash4
Last fall,  Lisa Liss (Woodlake 5th grade teacher and DREAM Board Member) DREAMed of taking her students to SAC SPLASH to experience what they have been learning in class about wetlands, vernal pools, critters and flowers. She told us “It wraps up the classroom studies with an awesome trip to actually see and touch life!” DREAM said YES of course and they were on their way.
After the trip Lisa wrote us:
The students were thrilled with the magnifying glasses and microscopes. Lhytan said, “Do we actually get to use them?” “We got to see stuff we’ve never seen before.”
“They actually had microscopes we could use! It was so cool! I saw my critter and flower too!” said Jr.

Jay said, “That snake skin was so great! It looked rough, but when I touched it, it was soft. WE got to see critters in the lake. I even caught a red salamander! 

We were excited to go to SPLASH! Thanks to DREAM funds, we were able to attend the trip! Thanks DREAM!!!”
And thanks Lisa for DREAMing for your students. Join us for our 11th annual fundraiser on Sunday, April 26, to personally meet Lisa (and other teachers like her) and hear more about this great experience! Tickets available on our home page.
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March 18, 2015 – Highlands High School

Highlands deYoung1
51 9-12th grade students from Highlands High School took a trip to San Francisco last month to visit the deYoung Art Museum as part of their Spanish III class.  The assignment: thoughtfully and respectfully examine a self-chosen piece of art, represent HHS in a positive manner, create a “brainstorming” graphic organizer, produce stage-appropriate paragraphs about the chosen work utilizing technology such as cell phones, word processors and digital cameras to write a “magazine review”, in Spanish.
“Thank you DREAM for helping us take over 200 students to this museum the last four years.  One of the best things about this trip is how excited the students get when they see the original artwork that they have studied in class.” —Wendy Robinson, World Languages Teacher
Join us for our 11th annual fundraiser on Sunday, April 26, to personally meet Wendy (and other teachers like her) and hear more about this great experience! Tickets available on our home page.
Highlands deYoung2Highlands deYoung4

March 11, 2015 – Hagginwood Elementary

Hagginwood Alliance1

Hagginwood Elementary teachers, Kerrin Seishas and David West, dreamed of taking their 6th grade students to Alliance Redwoods Outdoor Education Center for three days.  DREAM agreed, sent them $2700 and off to camp they went.  They learned about things like Forest Ecology, Animal Ecosystems, Herpetology, Geology and  & Stream plus participated in challenge courses such as Wall Climbing, Zip Lines, Leaps and Group Trust Activities.  Students who have attended in the past will often say that their 6th grade trip to the redwoods was the single most memorable part of their elementary education.

Kerrin shared with us when they returned this year, “Our students had an amazing time and learned so much, not only academically, but about themselves.  They gained self-confidence and learned to positively encourage each other and their teams.”

Don’t you love science camps?  DREAM does. Thank you for helping make these kind of dreams come true!

Hagginwood Alliance3Hagginwood Alliance4

March 4, 2015 – Creative Connections Arts Academy

CCAA Chabot3

Tina Hughes-Corben, one of TRUSD’s dedicated teachers and DREAM supporter, wanted to take 111 7th and 8th grade students to Chabot Science Center and asked for $750 to help with admission and transportation.

Here is what she reported after the trip: “Our students gained so much from their dissecting experience! When we go to Chabot we have classes to dissect squid given by experts! We do not have the necessary tools at our school for dissection so going is an excellent opportunity for us. The Planetarium Show this year was a wonderful eye opener for many of our students as well. It gave them an insight to the Space Race to the Moon and the current Google Race to the Moon project, which includes many schools, scholars, various scientists and others in many fields.

DREAM is so glad these students had this opportunity!
CCAA Chabot2
CCAA Chabot1