April 29, 2015 – Rio Tierra Junior High

RioTierraJH Yosemite4
Thanks again to everyone who participated in our fundraiser last Sunday especially our three teachers who worked the fund-a-need table explaining to our sponsors and donors how they used DREAM money to take students out of their neighborhoods..  High Five to Tina Hughes Corben from CCAA,  Wendy Robinson and Yolanda Jimenez both from Highlands High.
Here is a message from Jodie Stueve at Rio Tierra Junior High.  In March she took 33 6-8th graders to Naturebridge at Yosemite Institute:
“My students were able to travel to the Yosemite National Park.  They stayed for four days and three nights.  For the majority of the students, this was their first time away from their families overnight.  Students spent each day hiking the trails of Yosemite and learning about the natural processes that formed the valley, the flora and fauna of the valley, adaptations that have helped different species to flourish in the valley.  They also learned about the Native American history in the valley and participated in a challenge hike (3 miles round trip with over 1,000 feet in climbing) to a vista point over the valley.
It would not have been possible for use to complete this trip without funding from DREAM.  Thank you.”
RioTierraJH Yosemite2


April 22, 2015 – Foothill Oaks Elementary

FoothillOaks Maidu1

It’s never too late to send us pictures and thanks!  Received this from Foothill Oaks:

These pictures and words are belated but my class enjoyed our trip to the Maidu Museum so much. This is something we could not have done without the help of DREAM! Thank you so much!

–Edie Hotchkiss, 3rd grade teacher

FoothillOaks Maidu3

April 15, 2015 – Village School

Village SlyPark2
29 students at Village School wanted to go to Sly Park, an overnight science camp.  Their teacher wrote DREAM to request help – and DREAM sent them $1,900 or $50 per student.
Ms. Kathy Rodgers wrote afterwards. “Many of our students are from economically challenged families. Most of the families qualify for free and reduced lunch. Of the 29 students who attended the camp, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/alcoholism/ only 15 were able to pay half the amount. The other 14 students’ families weren’t able to pay any of the amount. Had it not been for generosity of Project DREAM this Village 6th grade tradition would not have been possible.”
Help make more trips like this possible – join us at our Fundraiser on April 26!
Village SlyPark3

April 7, 2015 – Please Help Us


My children grew up in the Twin Rivers neighborhood and attended the local schools from K-12th grade.  Today they are adults with challenging and rewarding careers and a lot of that is because of the schools and teachers who gave them a firm foundation to begin their education.  I wanted to support those teachers and schools when I retired and found DREAM was an excellent way to reach ALL of the students in TR. DREAM helps give them funding for experiences outside their neighborhoods that school funds can no longer support.  As a DREAM board member every time I visit a school to give the mini-grant check to excited teachers and students, I leave with a smile that lasts for hours and yes, a few tears of joy.
This is where we need you…………..
Want to support this great cause? By now you probably have heard about our annual fundraiser which will be different this year – a evening at a musical with pre-theatre appetizers, no-host bar, and a chance to mingle with TR Superintendent, Dr. Steve Martinez, and a few teachers and students who have directly benefited from DREAM grants.  Have you secured your seat? If only four people from each school site attended we would have a packed house!  Right now, we have only sold 60 out of 300 seats.  .
We don’t want to close DREAM’s doors and not be able to fund the DREAMs our teachers have for their students.  Please go the home page, click on “Buy Tickets Now”. In advance, thank you, thank you, thank you.