August 24, 2015 – Madison Elementary School

Madison FTaleTown1
Madison Elementary School took 139 of their PreK/TK/K/Priary SDC students to Fairytale Town in William Land Park last May.  Lorilei Yates, one of the teachers and long-time DREAM supporter, wrote “The children are always thrilled to actually see some of the nursery rhyme themes that they have been learning about all year.  As they play on the structures through Fairytale Town you can hear them singing the songs and rhymes associated with the various structures. They absolutely love the puppet show, you can hear their laughter and squeals for miles! They love having a picnic lunch in the park and they especially love the ride on the big yellow school bus! One of the TK students asked the next day if they could just have one more ride on the big yellow school bus!”
Ms. Yates also added, “We could not have done this project without DREAM funding.  These funds are a tremendous help since our families have limited funds.”

August 19, 2015 – Foothill Oaks Elementary

Julie Brown, Foothill Oaks Elementary School teacher, sent us bunches of thank you notes from her students.  Here is one from Maria I thought you would enjoy!
 Maria TY
DREAM has money to help send students out of their neighborhoods – so please submit your applications soon.  As Julie wrote us “I don’t believe we would have been able to do this activity without DREAM funding.  We are so thankful to Project DREAM for supporting these students in order to benefit their learning.” The deadline dates are listed on our website at
Welcome back to the new school year.