September 30, 2015 – Northwood Elementary

Northwood DiscoveryMuseum2

“Our students were amazed at the constellations. They were full of “ooo’s and “aw’s”.  They kept saying that’s what we were learning in class.  The most important statement came from a student who exclaimed “I am doing this at home!”

The above was shared by Kristi Zampieri from Northwood Elementary after she took 58 3rd graders to the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center on Auburn Blvd here in Sacramento.  She also told us “Funding for fieldtrips is limited.  Your funding allowed my students to experience and internalize the constellations.  Thank you.”
Northwood DiscoveryMuseum1

September 23, 2015 – Del Paso Heights Elementary

DelPaso SlyPark2

Kim Wilson, 6th grade teacher at Del Paso Heights, wrote us after 40 6th graders attended Sly Park for five days:

“Students were given this opportunity to learn and grow in many ways.  Many enjoyed experiencing a new sense of independence since it was their first time leaving homes and neighborhoods.  Learning science and interacting with different peer groups were very enriching experiences for them.”
We always love hearing how DREAM is able to give any teacher just enough funds to make these memories possible.

September 16, 2015 – 8 Grants Approved!

And the funding applications for 2015-2016 are rolling in……last night the DREAM board approved eight requests:

Kurt Schneider, 6th grade teacher from Garden Valley Elementary dreamed about taking 50 students to Sly Park Outdoor Educational Center for a second year in a row.  DREAM approved $2,500 after reading “Garden Valley is located in a low income neighborhood where asking each participating students to pay a normal rate to attend science camp is unrealistic. It would not be fair to leave any student out just because of the cost. Our class will be holding fundraisers throughout the year but help from DREAM will be needed to make this a reality.”

Arron White, Coordinator for the GEO Academy participate in the California Forestry Challenge for the 12th year and focuses on natural resource careers and is designed as a learning opportunity and competition.This year’s topic is fire behavior modeling (how timely is that). DREAM said YES.

Lori Williams from Smythe Academy of Arts wrote us that she needs $3,500 to help pay the cost for 70 sixth graders to attend Sly Park in February. Ms. Williams shared “The Sly Park field trip is an opportunity that our students have been looking forward to since kindergarten. The 6th graders greatly appreciate any contributions that DREAM is able to make.” DREAM said YES.

It’s Fall and Fog Willow Pumpkin Farm is on Lorelei Yates’ mind…..for the fourth year she wants to take 158, yes 158 students from Madison Elementary. For $7.29 per student DREAM said YES especially when they read this from Lorelei: “It’s a wonderful opportunity for the children to travel outside their neighborhood and experience something not only completely different from their world but experience something that will bring so much classroom curriculum to life for them!” The $1,153.00 is in the mail!

Our friend, Lisa Liss from Woodlake Elementary wrote us about taking 68 5th graders to SPLASH to study critters, plants and water sources in the Sacramento area both in the classroom and during a field trip walking in a vernal pool area. She needs $673.78 and DREAM said YES.

DECA is a Career Technical Student Organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, hospitality, finance and management in high schools.  Rio Linda High School teacher, Alicia Caddell, wants her 10th – 12th grade students to benefit by participating in this conference leaving them informed and prepared to lead both inside and outside of the classroom. She needed $600.00 and DREAM said YES.

Finally the Tolerance Kids at Woodlake asked for help to continue a 10-year tradition of a once in a lifetime chance to meet Holocaust and Internment Camp survivors in Los Angeles. For the 10th time, DREAM said YES and sent a check for $1,700.00.

Happy Wednesday and enjoy the thank you notes from the Tolerance Kids.

Tolerance TY2
tolerance TY1

September 9, 2015 – College Bound Students

CB laptop giveaway

It was sad last spring when DREAM thought they didn’t have enough funds to purchase laptops for our College Bound winners who did not have a computer to take to college.  Riding to the rescue–Michelle Rivas,TRUSD Board Trustee and Jeremy Briggs and Daniel Fiesch from the Twin Rivers IT Department. Thank You.

September 2, 2015 – Harmon Johnson

Johnson AcadofSci1 (1)Last May Joanna Sharlette and her Harmon Johnson 5th grade team took 140 5th grade students to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  “The students enjoyed learning about whales, rainforests, penguins and earthquakes.”

When asked if they could have done this project without DREAM funding, she answered “No, it is much too expensive.  Thanks DREAM.”
Johnson AcadofSci2