Funding for New DREAMs – October 21, 2015

$18,665.00!  That’s the total dollars the DREAM board awarded last night to help 568 students and their teachers:

60 6th graders from F. C. Joyce will spend five days at Alliance Redwood Science camp where they will learn about tide patterns and investigate tide pools, spend the week hiking, learning about the ecology and participating in challenge activities.
97 Foothill Oaks second graders will travel to Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm where they will visit a rural community, observe a working farm, be given a lesson on healthy eating and see plant life cycles in action.
110 6th graders from Harmon Johnson will experience four days at Sly Park where, along with academics, they will acquire life skills promoting collaboration and leadership.
120 Creative Connections Arts Academy 7th and 8th graders will visit Chabot Science and Space Center where among other things they will dissect a squid!
84 6th graders from Rio Linda Preparatory will journey to Grizzly Creek Ranch in April where they will engage in amazing science hands-on activities reinforcing what they learned in the classroom.
40 9th-12th graders from Rio Linda High school will be able to compete at SkillsUSA which will give them positive reinforcement to advance themselves and help each of them take their education and skills to the next level.
57 D. W. Babcock 6th graders will also attending Sly Park.  This is a 40 year tradition at their school and it has left students with life-long memories.


This is an SOS message – October 8, 2015

You have in the past shown support for Project DREAM and we desperately need your help again..

For several years, the Project DREAM board has been struggling with two major issues.  The first is a lack of volunteers — both in-district and within the community — to serve on the board of directors.   The second is being able to raise enough funds to continue our mission.  We’ve put much thought and effort into solving these problems, but have not had positive results.  Unless we are able to make significant headway in both of these areas over the next few months, the Project DREAM board has made the difficult decision that 2016 will be our last year of operation.

Board Members – The DREAM board of directors is 100% volunteer.  Three years ago, there were about 20 active board members, half TRUSD employees and half community/business members.  Our current board consists of around 10 individuals, some who are able to attend monthly meetings only sporadically.  Of this core group, most are community members or retired district employees, only two are active TRUSD employees, and several of these members have already announced their intention to retire from the board next year.

Fundraising – Most of the money DREAM takes in annually is spent on programs.  Overhead expenses are extremely low, and primarily consist of professional services for tax filing and audits, and liability insurance.  In order to continue funding grants at a consistent level, DREAM must raise $80,000 to $90,000 each year.  We count on our annual fundraising efforts for about half of that amount, with the remainder coming from individual donors.  Over the past two years, we have fallen significantly short in both categories.

If Project DREAM is important to you and to the children it serves, please take action now.  There are many ways you can help.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join the board.  Meetings are currently held monthly at 4:30 at the TRUSD District Office.
  • Enlist new board members from within your circle of contacts.
  • Work on the fundraising committee to plan events and solicit sponsorship donations or auction items.
  • Ask your civic groups or business contacts to consider donating to DREAM.

Please help us keep DREAM alive and able to continue providing dreams to kids.  Reach out to us with your feedback, questions, and offers of assistance at one of the following:

Our immediate goals are to recruit 10 to 15 new board members and have sufficient sources of support lined up (whether through planned fundraising events or donations) to meet our budgetary needs.  If we have not made significant headway on these goals by December 1st, we will regretfully move forward with our plans to shut down the operation by the end of 2016.