Funding for new DREAMs – December 16, 2015

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$6,732.00 given in grants at last night’s board meeting!
  • $3,000 to send 60 Creative Connections 6th graders to Alliance Redwoods with their teachers for the 4th year.
  • Babcock kindergartners will visit Fog Willow Science camp because donors to DREAM will send them $360.
  • 40 Foothill High School 9-12th graders will join others at Music in the Parks for a music competition in Santa Cruz. DREAM helped with $2,000.
  • Wendy Robinson from Highlands High School wanted to take her 9-12th graders to the deYoung Museum in San Francisco again this year. For the 6th  time DREAM said yes and will send them $572.
  • 16 Rio Linda High School 11-12 graders will again attend the California State Virtual Enterprise Trade Show. DREAM helped with $900 check and send good luck wishes to all.
DREAM is still looking for help in the spring. Could you consider volunteering for one of these needs:
  • for one evening help at our spring fundraiser.
  • serve on a fundraiser committee (decorations, food, donations).
  • serve on the board, one meeting monthly.
  • sign up for payroll deduction through the district payroll office.
  • If you see anyway you can volunteer for any or all of these, contact Lisa Liss at txpuppywoman22@gmail,com or

Thanks Everyone! – December 9, 2015


DREAM received these sweet thank yous from Heather Coburn’s 7th and 8th grade class.  Sac State’s Peak Adventures Team Building experience taught them to believe in themselves and in their classmates!

We also want to thank the following for “Liking” Project DREAM on Facebook in the last few months……
Anne Sherman, Michelle Rivas, Florence Claypoole, Amanda Affleck Forde, North Highlands News, Patricia Santos-Andrade, Paul Corona, Bill Willard, Lorelei Yates, Kim Fitzsimmons, Elizabeth Spranger Spackman, Karen Lonczak, Linda Rizo, Ursula Parks Harelson, Hasmik Amy Movsisyan, Heather Jackson, Souka Houatuxay, Karlene Bittler, Leslie Adlesperger, Maureen Truxaw, John Berchielli, Lisa Liss, Jana Fields Uslan