January 27, 2016 – Foothill Oaks Elementary

FoothillOaks Pumpkin1

Last October, three teachers from Foothill Oaks Elementary wrote “the second grade team has planned a unit of study on pumpkins. It includes lessons in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. The trip to the pumpkin farm for 97 students is intended as culminating activity. Students will visit a rural community, observe a working farm, and be given a lesson on healthy eating. They will see plant life in action.”

DREAM loved the idea and sent them $745 to help with transportation and entrance fees.  Thanks Heather Adame, Shanna Lunday and Melinda Poole for your DREAM.

January 20, 2016 – Madison Elementary

Madison GrizzlyCr4

Madison GrizzlyCr2

“This field trip is the opportunity of a life time for many of our students. It offered some of our students their first trip to the Sierra Nevadas and their first time away from their parents. It allowed our students to learn in a setting that was not within the four walls of the classroom. This program is about academics as well as team building. We have a stronger 6th grade group. The students have learned more about themselves as well as each other.”

–from Kimberly Rivera and Kim Velo, 6th grade teachers at Madison Elementary

Great DREAM realized!

January 13, 2016 – Garden Valley Elementary




Kurt Schneider, teacher from Garden Valley Elementary, wrote DREAM in September asking for funds so all the 6th graders could attend Sly Park Outdoor Educational Center for five days. The board said YES and sent them $2,500.

When they returned, he wrote “Students who could not otherwise afford the trip to science camp were able to participate in a once in a lifetime experience. Many of our students http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/asthma/ never get a chance to spend a day (much less a week) outdoors learning about nature first-hand. Lessons were learned that cannot be taught and learned in a regular classroom. Self-esteem and a  sense of community grew in those students who tackled the climbing wall or went on the night hike.

High five to Mr. Schneider and his team.

Happy New Year 2016

Dear Project DREAM Supporters,

Happy New Year!  2016 brings several changes to Project DREAM.

We would like to welcome our new chairperson, Lisa Liss.  Lisa is a 28-year veteran teacher and has been a loyal supporter of DREAM from the start. She teaches 5th grade at Woodlake School.  We have also elected five new board members….

  • Becky Bell, River City Bank
  • Heather Coburn, English teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Tech Academy
  • Heather Robb, special education teacher at Hillsdale and Eastside Charter Schools
  • Micah Simmons, Principal at Woodlake Elementary
  • Keisha Woods, para-professional at Foothill High School

—-and welcomed back Leslie Adlesperger who will return as our secretary.

We are also very happy to introduce Michelle Rivas, TR Board of Trustee Vice-President as an advisor to our board. Michelle will serve as a mentor between DREAM and businesses and vendors in the TR district as we struggle to replace previous donors and sponsors. We look forward to a strong working relationship between the TR trustees and our foundation.

Also, we would like to recognize and thank our outgoing co-chairs, Jana Fields-Uslan and Alice McAuliffe.  Jana and Alice have completed their terms and have worked tirelessly to make DREAM a success.  We appreciate the many years of support they have given. On a welcome note, Jana has agreed to continue to collect grant applications and lead us through the approval discussions until the end of the 2015-16 school year.

On a sad note, our Big Yellow Boxes are being removed from all the schools in the Twin Rivers Unified School District.  Unfortunately, GAIA has been unable to pay DREAM, and our relationship with them has been terminated.  Thank you for all of your donations over the past years.  We received about $25,000 annually from GAIA, and we are sorry that this will no longer be a source of income for us.

Upcoming Date to Put on Your 2016 calendar:

Chili Cook-Off, Saturday, March 5, 5:00-7:00pm, Place: TBD

Schools will compete with each other. Silent auction and Wine Wall will also be available.

 Our contact information….