February 24, 2016 – Rio Linda High School


For all of you who give a little or give a lot to DREAM:

“Thank you so much for the support of our students to the 17th Annual California State Virtual Enterprise Conference and Trade Show.

The students performed very well, and were awarded for their efforts. We cannot do this program without you, so please know you are making a huge difference in the lives of our students.”
Alicia Caddell, DECA Advisor, Rio Linda High School

Funding for new DREAMs – February 17, 2016

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DREAM board is pleased to announce that we approved $7,450.55 in grants last night.

  • Woodlake Elementary 6th grade teacher, Daniel Latcham, asked for $2,250 to help with expenses for the Sixth Grade trip to Sly Park for the second time.  The board voted YES.
  • Ms. Tina Corben, organizing teacher for Creative Connections Arts Academy 6-8th grade trip to the B Street Theatre to experience the stage adaptation of Frankenstein. This is the fourth year we will help with expenses which will enhance their English Language Arts and Drama Elective classes and DREAM was glad to give them $900 or $5 per student.
  • A field trip to Safetyville USA was on the mind of Heather Roes so 32 Del Paso Heights PreK students would learn how to safely walk to school next year. What a great dream and the board sent them $136.
  • Arron White, GEO Academy Coordinator at Grant High School requested $1,000 to help 50 10th-11th grade students to participate in the Habitat Restoration Project and Sustainable Agriculture Project.  What timely projects the board thought and the check was sent.
  • Pioneer School is trying to bring field trips back into the educational experiences of their students and to make memorable trips part of their school tradition. First up, send 64 6th grade students to California Academy of Sciences in May for only $23.68 each. What a great way to expose them to people and places outside their neighborhood – the answer was YES.
  • For more than five years, Rio Linda High School teacher, Alicia Caddell needed help to get 16 11th and 12th grade students to the Bay Area Trade Show and Entrepreneurship Conference in March. This event changes the lives of students and the positive effects are immediately visible so, of course DREAM helped with a check for $800.00!
  • First grade teacher, Diane Xiong found a unique experience for her students – a visit to a Hamburger Farm! Getting Hazel Strauch students out of their neighborhood and exposing them to  new ideas was the goal. DREAM awarded them $848.75 to make that experience happen.

February 10, 2016 – Del Paso Heights Elementary


$2,250.00 plus 45 students = Sly Park Trip for 6th grade students at Del Paso Heights Elementary.

“Students were given the opportunity to learn science concepts and practices away from home immersed in a challenging and fun environment. They enjoyed participating and meeting new people, as well.”  Kim Wilson, organizing teacher