March 30, 2015 – Woodlake Elementary


Last September, Lisa Liss from Woodlake Elementary asked DREAM to fund a field trip experience to Splash for the 8th year. Splash is an environmental unit for 5th grade students where students study vernal pool critters, plants, and water sources. “This trip allows our students to follow up our classroom studies by actually walking in the vernal pool area. Students are able to identify and locate their critters and plants. Especially in these drought times, it is important that students learn to protect the water sources that we have.”

Ms. Liss reported after their trip: “Sofia B was one of the first groups of 5th graders DREAM helped me send to Splash. She is  now a senior and is headed to Humboldt State University to study Oceanography. She went as a chaperone with my students to Splash this year. While on the tour Sofia saw her picture featured on their current poster and was able to take a picture and share it with us. Current students were excited that Sofia participated.”
From Sofia: “Opportunities like Splash are what really made my dreams come true. It was in 5th grade that participation in active, out-of-the-classroom experiences shaped my career dreams. Attending Splash opened the door for my future at Humboldt.”
High 5 for DREAM, Ms. Liss and Sofia!

March 23, 2016 – Rio Tierra Junior High


Jodie Stueve, 6-8th grade teacher at Rio Tierra Junior High, headed  up a field trip experience for 32 students in January.  “Many of the students saw the ocean for their first time. Also, for some of the students it was their first time spending the  night away from home. The students were able to experience the ecology and nature of a completely different environment than they are used to within the city. They also were taught the importance of conservation to maintain the natural beauty around them.”

When asked if they could have done this project without DREAM funding: “No, it would not be possible to complete this project without funding from Project DREAM. Thank you.”

Funding for New DREAMS – March 16, 2016

914 students + 7 teacher DREAMS + $7,211.75
Anne Drahmann, Danalynn Zacharias and Jackie Thomas 6th grade teachers at Allison Elementary applied for $2,500 to help take their students to Shady Creek Science School. They wrote, “Many of our students have never been very far from this area, let alone to a beautiful forest. Most have never smelled a pine forest, seen the night sky filled with stars, spotted wild animals, been hiking in the woods or explored a creek. We believe that spending five days in the mountains will develop our students’ appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.”   Of course, the DREAM board voted YES.
“Many students, across all ability levels, will benefit from spending the day at Marshall Gold Discovery Park in Coloma. Students from two general education classes, as well as students from our special day class will benefit from being able to see and interact with history, rather than reading it in a textbook. The goal for all is to come away with a better understanding of the Gold Rush and the impact it had in California’s journey to statehood.”  The DREAM board responded Yes to Melissa Clark and 52 4th grade students at Babcock Elementary with a check for $554.
559 students grades K-6 and their teachers at Del  Paso Heights Elmentary are DREAMing for the third year in a row about participating in Starstruck Showcase. For $3.31 per student (total of $1,850) each classroom will learn a full dance routine and at the end of the program they will be able to show what they have learned in a performance in front of family, friends, and faculty. Ms. Angie Casetta, student support teacher can hardly wait to tell everyone they will be able to bring the program back!  As we love to say, the check is in the mail!
F. C. Joyce third grade teacher Annie Clark DREAMed of taking 54 students to Maidu Indian Museum “where they will have a chance to experience Native American culture that will enhance their learning of previously taught content, as well as extend their learning beyond anything I am capable of giving them in the classroom. This experience is priceless for our students.” The DREAM team agreed and sent them $259.
For the third year, Craig Murray at Rio Linda High School asked for $1,400 to take his 9-12th grade jazz ensemble to perform at Disneyland’s California Adventure  plus participate in a sound track recording session with Disney professionals. A trip of a lifetime!  Good luck RLHS!
110 Kindergarten students at Hazel Strauch Elementary along with their teacher Arie Phongmany are DREAMing of participating in Mad Science programs. These are hands-on programs where students actively engage in learning about fossils, chemical reactions, explore sound and learn about magnets and its functions. A check for $465 was mailed to them.
For four years, 75 3rd and 4th grade students at Woodridge Elementary Running/Walking Club along with Kim Burlin, Allison Massie and Terri Williams applied for $883.75 to fund a trip to Superhero Fun Run in Roseville.  Have an unforgettable time!

Project DREAM’s 12th Annual Spring Fundraiser

Please join us at Project DREAM’s 12th annual spring fundraiser, a chili cook-off competition featuring delicious chili, cold beer, wine, live music, silent auction and more.  All profit from this event benefits the students of the Twin Rivers School District.  $20 donation, RSVPs are required.

2016 Chili Cook-Off Flyer

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March 2, 2016 – Creative Connections Arts Academy

CCAA Chabot3
from Ms. Tina Hughes-Corben, 7th/8th grade teacher at Creative Connections Arts Academy upon return from Chabot Space and Science Center with 120 students:
“This project allows us to bring students to a different part of California to experience a quality museum full of science exhibits and to see a planetarium show. The planetarium itself is a thing of wonder, may have not experiences. The dissection class hooks even the most reluctant student–in fact, one of our 7th graders was VERY hesitant about going; his mother was emailing and calling me several times prior to the trip, not sure if he was going to go when the day came. He did go and as he was cutting into his squid, I asked–are you glad you came? With a huge grin, he nodded and said YES!. This trip affects students and shows them learning outside of school can be exciting too!”