May 24, 2016 – Pioneer Elementary

Pioneer AcadofSci1

from Luc, 6th grade student at Pioneer Elementary:
“Project DREAM, we sincerely thank you for your donations for us to go to California Academy of Science in San Francisco. We have enjoyed the trip to the museum from the comfy seats of the bus to the Living Roof. The expierence of the dinosaur bones to the earthquake recreation to the presentation Incoming. Overall it was an amazing trip and we couldn’t thank you enough.”

Pioneer AcadofSci2

Funding for New Dreams – May 18, 2016

Johnson AcadofSci1 (1)Project DREAM was able to award $837.50 funding 2 projects this month. DREAM has awarded $75,261.05 funding field trips, science camps and other experiences for 3,880 students this academic year.

$650 was sent to 52 Babcock Elementary School 3rd graders to help pay for the bus to San Francisco Exploratorium the end of May. This trip “will give them the opportunity to traverse through the many thrilling scientific obstacles to define it for their eight-year-old selves”.
$187.50 is helping 70 6th grade students at Village K-8 experience an interactive presentation from a historian about ancient Rome.

May 11, 2016 – Hazel Strauch Elementary


Arie Phongmany, one of the kindergarten teachers at Hazel Strauch, had a dream of helping her students “love science, see a future as scientists, engineers, or whatever they could “DREAM” of”. We helped by sending $465 so each of the 110 students could share a couple days with the Mad Science program at their school.

Afterwards, we received this note, “The students were so excited about what they’ve learned. They couldn’t stop talking and mimicking what they’ve touched, created, and experimented with. Our students would not have had this opportunity without DREAM. Thank you for your help and support”.
Another DREAM realized!

May 4, 2016 – College Bound

Thanks to all the readers who came out last Friday to help us score College Bound applications. 30 hard-working high school seniors won a $300 Target shopping spree to buy those all-necessary items for their first place away from home – a pillow of their own, paper and ink to do their papers, a lamp to study by, towels and sheets.

Here are a couple excerpts from a few of the essays:
“Graduating from college would give me the opportunity to excel and be the first in my family to have a successful career.  Throughout my life I have encountered many family members who were prevented from pursuing a good career.  When I graduate from college I can be an inspiration for my relatives.”
“When I do graduate from college, it will be a dream come true for my family. Seeing my mom struggle to financially support us, scared me. I understand the value of education and the importance of staying dedicated to my goals. Graduating from college will impact my life and my family for the better. Being the oldest of four children I am setting the example for my siblings to go to college.”
“By graduating college it will grant me the ability to give back to others and to provide a better future for myself and my family. I also plan to come back to my community and volunteer in programs that provide assistance to the underprivileged. I will mentor students from my high school and let them know that just because we come from low socio-economic community, we can be successful and plant the seeds for the next generation to make their mark as accomplished individuals in society.”
Congratulations to all of you! The picture of the day is from a past shopping trip as students won’t go to Target until June.