June 22, 2016 – Allison Elementary


44 6th grade students from Allison Elementary experienced five days at Shady Creek Outdoor Science School last month.  Their lead teacher, Anne Drahmann, reported: “The trip to Shady Creek was an amazing time for all of the students who attended.  They not only were able to learn about the environment while actually out in nature but were also able to learn about conservation and how every student can play an important role. In addition, the students learned how to meet new people and live in a cooperative environment within their cabin and at mealtime. Some students were upset on Friday when we had to leave. Others wanted to come back as cabin counslelors when they are in high school. It was a great trip, and Allison School appreciates the assistance of Project DREAM in making the experience possible for our students.”

Well done 6th grade teachers at Allison Elementary!!

June 15, 2016 – Monthly Donor Trophy goes to…..

WoodlakeDonorWinnersThanks to ALL those who contribute monthly to Project DREAM! This year, Woodlake Elementary won the trophy for the highest percentage of donors – who will win next year?

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June 8, 2016 – Harmon Johnson


Live Theatre! add 136 3rd grade students and you get one impressive experience!

That’s what happened when Brooke Seale and her cohorts from Harmon Johnson Elementary took their students to the B Street Theatre. “Most students had never viewed a live performance like the performance of Alice in Wonderland we attended. It was important for students to have the opportunity to interact with a live production and cast. To see actors and actresses performing in real-time showed our students what risk-taking and courage is required for such an activity. It really impressed our students to witness an event that wasn’t recorded or produced in a studio.”

June 1, 2016 – F. C. Joyce


40 sixth grade students from FC Joyce, along with their teacher Erin Tucker and her cohorts spent a week at Alliance Redwoods Science Camp in April. DREAM has helped for six years and sent $2,000.00 so they could attend this year.
Ms. Tucker shared “this trip was amazing for our students. Many students had never been outside of our North Highlands neighborhood and had never experienced anything like the Redwoods. They learned about the forest ecology, the animals that live there, and were able to challenge themselves physically through the hikes and challenge course opportunities. This  trip is so impactful to our kids because it is so far from their comfort zone and a once in a lifetime experience.”