August 31, 2016 – Garden Valley


“Dear DREAM” notes from 6th grade Garden Valley students who attended Sly Park last school year:

“I want to thank you for helping me go to Sly Park. I will remember that experience for the rest of my life. You guys could have paid for other schools but you picked us. Thank you.” –Angel
“My favorite part from Sly Park was touching the animals, which was the salamander (Sally), two snakes (Ruby and John) and the tortoise (Mikey).”
“Thank you! For letting us only pay $60. It was so awesome! My aunt had told me that when she went on her field trip she had to pay $200. Isn’t that crazy. Well thank you for giving us money. My whole class and my teacher, Mr. Schneider, really appreciate it. Really we do!” –Sidra

August 24, 2016 – Rio Linda High School

RLHS Disney 001

Some notes from Rio Linda High School students who attended Disneyland and performed for audiences there. They had a soundtrack studio recording session with Disney professionals (engineers, producers, and a performer) who helped them work on songs that directly connected to film clips.

“The most cool thing were the performance and recording session we got to go to. There were lots of people eager to listen to our performance and we were applauded for our hard work. The recording session was so interesting and we all got to see high end professional processes that real people in the music industry use.”  Caitlin

“I learned that I should be less prideful and to bring more comfortable shoes. I learned that in a studio you are required to know how to sight read and we learned those songs so fast. Everything has to move fast in the music and arts industry, tikme is  money. I really finally understood that phrase while I was at Disneyland. Music is both fun but a lot of stress and work.” Sofiya

“One of my favorite things was the recording session. Everyone in our choir felt as if they could be goofy and really become the characters they were trying to portray. It was also an amazing learning experience. Being in an actual recording studio with extremely impressive gear was thrilling. Never before have I used equipment that could pick up sound that clearly. Learning the songs within ten minutes also showed us that we can accomplish much more than we think, as long as we believe in ourselves.” Arionna

High 5 Mr. Murray, Music Director, and the Rio Linda Visual and Fine Arts Department!

August 17, 2016 – Babcock Elementary School

At the end of last school year, Babcock Elementary School sent 60 kindergarten students to Fog Willow Farm.  Elizabeth Graves, one of the teachers, wrote us: “Thank you so much for making our field trip possible. The students got to see and pet animals. They also got to do a solids/liquids experiment, see a volcano shoot water and make a craft. Thank you so much for your support.”

At $5.74 per student, DREAM and all its donors are very happy!
 Every $$ donated goes to TR students!!
 Babcock Fog Willow TY

August 10, 2016 – FC Joyce

The 2014-15 6th grade classes from F.C. Joyce put into practice what they had learned in the classroom at Alliance Redwoods Science Camp. Ezekiel wrote us the thank you below and one of their teachers, Erin Tucker, wrote us

     “My students were able to have this experience because of DREAM and will remember it their whole lives. They learned how to set goals and overcome fears, they learned about the importance of the Redwoods, and they learned how important connections and relationships are in their lives.”

Even though DREAM will not be funding science camps this year (the district will be), we will always love hearing about every experience TR students participate in because their teachers DREAMed!!FCJoyce AllianceRedwoods 001 (2)

Welcome Back – August 3, 2016


Hope everyone had a wonderful, restful summer.

Just a couple notes for you:
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  • if you are interested in joining the DREAM board (we meet once a month) or just helping out on a fund-raising project once or twice a year, please contact us.
  • enjoy the pictures: high school students attending a music festival, 6th graders spending four days at a science camp, a group participating in a fun run, a junior high band enjoying a trip of a lifetime and kindergartners learning about animals and science at a farm.

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