May 10, 2017 – Rio Tierra Junior High

In February 31 6/7/8th grade students from Rio Tierra Junior High took a dream trip. Their activities director, Jodie Stueve, shared some of the SEA Lab activities that helped the students:

  • The ocean is more important for life in general than we had previously thought.
  • Nature is really beautiful.
  • Even in Sacramento, there are ways that students can help improve the pollution that is damaging the oceans.
  • The word-wide effects of littering.
  • Meeting kids from other schools and making new friendships.
  • The Kayaking trip in the Elkhorn Slough was spectacular.

With activities like this and help from businesses like R L Liss & ProductsHome Improvement, DREAM will be back for the next school year.Thanks Rick and Lisa for supporting DREAM’s fundraiser with posters, brochures and FB boosts!